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Born in Athens and raised in Germany. He finally found his place in Poland, where he lives right now. He started his career in 2009 and quickly became one of the most respected professionals in Poland. His documentary about interpersonal relationships “Six Degrees” won many awards at major film festivals.
Bartosz constantly escapes being pigeon-holed, as he has mastered a wide range of genres – from gritty documentary realism and storytelling to visual and cinematic work to live stream. When it comes to his commercial work he is able to adapt a complex story to short formats while concentrating on authentic and intimate character performances. His ability to inject emotion into practically anything is his trademark and characterises his work more than anything. His Prima Cafe commercials are a perfect example of conveying emotions in short forms and have been awarded with no less than 8 KTR awards in 2015 and with The Bronze Lion in Cannes in 2015 or the #IWELCOME campaign for Amnesty International awarded in the Cry category at the Global Facebook Awards and nominated at the 2017 Cannes Lions. His other huge success was a film made for Samsung called “Missed Spaceflight” which was awarded Adweek’s Grand Prix and nominated for Shots Awards in London and many more festivals.
SAMSUNG "Missed Spaceflight"